About Us

Sharing what we have changes the world, and it changes us

Charity starts with this spirit of sharing.

CHIMP is a purpose-driven, Vancouver-based organization with deep roots in the charitable and tech sectors. We believe that giving changes the world, and we know for sure that the more we give, the more we get back. Our community connects people who want to make the world better with charities that are taking action on causes they care about.

CHIMP makes it easy for you to:

Give simply

Give to, fundraise for and champion your favourite charitable causes.

Give intentionally

Give how you want, when you want and on your own terms.

Give with others

Give with friends, family and co-workers, and share your charitable values.

Our Beliefs

We believe that everyone has a charitable spirit, and everyone changes the world every day, whether or not they realize it.

When we give purposefully, we create more meaningful change.

A CHIMP Account gives you the ability to control how you give, empowering you to change the world on your terms.