We asked our team what they like most about working at CHIMP, and found that it’s all about making a difference in the world and the friends you make along the way. Here are our top 5 reasons to work at CHIMP:

1. #makeadifference

How about the satisfaction of never having to question why you’re coming into work. CHIMP is about being a part of something bigger, and it’s not just about your career. You get to see the tangible results of your work and how it makes a difference in people’s lives and in communities across the country everyday. Our mission is to empower Canadians with the tools they need to make a bigger charitable impact, and every day at the office presents a new opportunity to create change in the world.

We’ve processed over $200 million in charitable donations in Canada, and we’re just getting started. The CHIMP platform and its users can affect lives and help shape communities. Whether it be protecting the environment, supporting the global refugee crisis, or helping communities affected by wildfires, the work we do at CHIMP is important and meaningful.

2. #wearechimp
At CHIMP, we make recognition a priority and we’re always trying to come up with new creative teamwork initiatives to ensure our team is having fun, collaborating, and kicking butt. We’ve recently started a new project called “We Are Chimp”, which involves different giving groups for different teams, and we ask members to donate charity dollars into the groups when they want to recognize a specific team member who has done something noteworthy (e.g. delivered incredible customer service to a client).

With this new initiative, we’re pushing people to put their money where their mouth is, promoting excellence and generosity within our team while raising money for a cause we care about. Each quarter we will get together as a team and decide which charity to donate our group’s funds to. It also creates a little friendly competition to see which team raises the most charity money each quarter.

We celebrate awards and anniversaries game show style with CHIMP Chance and CHIMP Plinko! While the ‘“Price is Right” theme song plays in the background, team members roll the “CHIMP Chance” die to see what prize they land on. Our prizes include gift cards, free lunches, desk toys, and if you’re lucky enough to roll “The Golden 5 Year Die”, you may find yourself the owner of your very own mini-you bobble head!

3. #mindandbody
CHIMP takes care of you and believes that your health is a priority and having a good work/home life balance will always lead to better results and performance. It’s why we offer something called WOLO (We-Only-Live-Once) days that you can use for something fun, or for when you just need to chill and take a load off. We provide a fully stocked kitchen, with all the dairy and dairy free options you could imagine to put in your fancy coffee made by our most popular employee “Sean Bean’” (the current name of our coffee machine). We have a bi-weekly fruit delivery from SPUD that everyone awaits every Monday and Wednesday… we can’t have you getting scurvy now can we? If coffee isn’t your thing then we you can take a trip over to our David’s Tea corner where you are bound to find a flavour that floats your boat. Did I mention there is candy everywhere? Everywhere you turn, there it is! Just try and stick to your diet…

4. #workhard
Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, to the part that’s actually ‘work’ related. We use industry standard tools and software to keep up with the growing market and ensure efficiency in our processes with tech and operations (e.g. Slack, Confluence, Jira, Google Drive, Help Scout, Salesforce, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, etc.). At CHIMP, you get to be a part of cutting edge thinking, creating something new in an industry full of potential. We empower our employees to make their own decisions and trust them in their specialties and fields. We leave room for flexibility and encourage the team to follow opportunities and projects outside of their job description.

We have an open concept work environment fostering transparency, and we allow everyone to work from home one day a week so that when you need to hunker down and get something done, you have that time to focus. Speaking of focus, we occasionally put on hackathons or “uncaged days”, so that the team can spend time on fun side projects or solve an issue that otherwise wouldn’t get the attention.

5. #playhard
When it comes to CHIMP celebrations, I guess you could say we’re a bit like the show“The Office”, in that we celebrate everything….and I mean EVERYTHING. Except that we get more work done than they did. We have an amazing events club called EClub7 that puts on all sorts of fun parties. They range from the typical – birthdays, Halloween, winter holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day – to the more unusual sundae mondays, Cinco de Mayo, May the 4th (Star Wars – obviously), Harry Potter Day, grilled cheese days, trivia nights, and the company favourite big summer BBQ. We also have some after work clubs such as D&D Club (dungeons and dragons), LAN Party (video games), and Beer Club. Every week we ring in the weekend with “Fridays @ 4”, which is our own happy hour with drinks, ping pong, and lots of cheese!

We’re also huge advocates of Slack, where we have some fun channels like: #musicsharing; #movies-tv; #nicholascage; #knowledge-sharing; #disney; #design; #dealz-around-town;; #books; #beards; #bees. One of our newer Slack integrations is #coffee-buddies, where a Slack bot called “Donut” pairs up two people in the channel randomly every week to go out for coffee or grab a donut and hopefully learn a little more about each other in the process. It’s served to be a great team builder promoting cross-functional work within the company, giving everyone the opportunity to get to know someone you wouldn’t necessarily interact with on a daily basis.

Then there is TechPong! By far CHIMP’s biggest event, in partnership with Unbounce and Science World at Telus World of Science, we get the whole tech community together to fundraise for a cause and play in the ultimate ping pong competition.


While I was writing this blog, the first thing everyone said about why they liked working at CHIMP was THE PEOPLE! It got to the point where I had to add “and you can’t say the people!” so I could actually get some other answers. What can I say, we’re a great bunch! We’re friends, or maybe even like family, and we just really enjoy coming in to hang out and work with each other day in and day out.

Come be one of the reasons why people love working at CHIMP! Check out our career page to see what roles we are currently hiring for: https://chimp.net/careers

5 Reasons To Work At CHIMP

Amber Regier

Social Media Coordinator

Category: People