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Today marks the fourth and final instalment in the State of Giving in Canada, an independent study conducted by the Angus Reid Institute into how Canadians support charity. To learn more about the study, you can check out my first article in the series. The final section of this study looks at how new Canadians—recent […]

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If you’re a millennial, you’re used to getting blamed for everything. Earlier generations seem to relish heaping abuse upon you. From homeownership to diamonds, millennials are apparently wiping out the cornerstones of adult consumerism. Articles that point the finger at your generation have achieved meme status. Google “millennials  are killing” and you’ll find many often […]

NewsCharity Matters

What’s stopping you from supporting charity? If you’re like nearly one-third of Canadians, you want to do more for charity. But something is getting in the way. In last week’s post, I looked at the first of four parts that make up the independent study conducted by our partner, the Angus Reid Institute, the State […]


I founded CHIMP (Charitable Impact) in order to help Canadians become more engaged, impactful supporters of charity. Partly, we’ve done this by creating an online giving platform for Canadian donors that makes it easy for them to support the causes they care about. We want Canadians to make giving fundamental and routine—a part, in other […]

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High-profile fundraising campaigns like the Ice Bucket Challenge, No Makeup Selfie and Movember continue to prove the power of engaging social networks to raise money for charities. And online giving is growing fast, a trend that will continue. So why are so many fundraising professionals and charities slow to harness the power of the social […]