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Does your charity need to transition to the new BC Societies Act? A quick email to CHIMP today could provide $2,000 to make it happen. The Walsh Foundation is a British Columbia-based philanthropic organization, which CHIMP is supporting in their desire to help charities prosper, and their latest program is focussed on assisting smaller charities […]

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Ethnic Rohingya Muslims have been fleeing Myanmar (also known as Burma) to escape mass atrocities committed by Myanmar’s security forces in what is considered ethnic cleansing and one of the world’s most pressing humanitarian crises. That’s why the Government of Canada is teaming up with charities and everyday donors to help. The Rohingya, a mostly […]

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The days are getting shorter, temperatures are about to take a dip, and the onslaught of back to school sales has begun: it’s the end of summer. As the kids lace up their new shoes and head to class, it’s important to remember that not every youth, family, neighbourhood, or town has access to the […]

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How would you like to give $1,000 to your favourite charity? Sounds pretty great, but how many of us can really afford to write a big cheque to a charity whenever the impulse to give kicks in? Probably not many of us. But fear not, you can give like a wealthy philanthropist, it just takes […]

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Watching the news in recent years, particularly in Western Canada, it would be easy to conclude that wildfires are becoming more frequent and more severe. The Fort McMurray fire required the evacuation of all of the town’s 80,000 residents. Prince George, British Columbia is currently inundated with evacuees from surrounding communities under threat of looming […]

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Charity does so much for Canadians, from supporting those most in need, to preserving vulnerable ecosystems, to funding valuable research. But did you know that giving to charity with CHIMP can teach kids to become better athletes as well as model members of the community? That’s the goal of Play Better, a program that infuses […]

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Ask most doctors which is better, treatment or prevention, and you’ll probably get an answer that follows along with the old adage – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That wisdom doesn’t only apply to medicine. Reaching children and youth before they can be swallowed up by adult problems is one […]