VANCOUVER, February 5, 2018 — The first known donation of cryptocurrency to a Canadian donor-advised fund was processed by CHIMP (Charitable + Impact), the online giving platform, in December of 2017. CHIMP processed $2.5 million worth of cryptocurrency, which capped off a record year for the growing company, administering over $127 million in charity donations […]

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The news media is sometimes referred to as the fourth estate, meaning it’s an influential institution within our society despite not being part of our political system. But looking at current trends—from the proliferation of misinformation and “fake news,” to the rise of “filter bubbles,” to threats directed at journalists—it seems that the vitality and […]


Canadians want more information about what charities do with their donations. Nearly two out of three claim that they would give more money to charity if they felt more confident about their giving. Here’s one way to become more confident in your giving: Pore over rankings of top charities and analyzing charities’ financial impact using […]

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Almost a third of Canadians today feel they should be giving more, and two out of three think they would give more if they felt more confident about their giving, and might find it easier to choose a charity to support. That’s according to a new study by the Angus Reid Institute and CHIMP, which […]