Bad news for charities in the UK that want a good male/female ratio in the office. According to a recent survey, almost 29 percent of boys ages 14 and 15 think the charity sector is the “most boring” to work in. Only 15 percent of girls think the same.

The upside: the charity sector  still managed to beat out the fields of energy, environment and public transport. Small victories.

The article the stats are pulled from speculates that boys associate charities with second-hand goods and the elderly, and don’t look much further than that.

Yet so many charity spokespeople are often far from elderly, and famous. People like Bono, Matt Damon, Oprah, Sarah McLachlan, among heaps of others. It would be interesting to know if that influences North American kids at all.

So, do Canadian boys think the same?

British boys think charity work is boring

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