It’s not every day we get to work “portmanteau” into a conversation … or rather a blog. Today is a good day.

Anyway, portmanteau is when you combine two words to make a new word.

Chimp isn’t a portmanteau when talking about our cute primate cousins, of course. But it is when talking about a website that provides you with a bank account for giving.

Chimp comes from: CHaritable IMPulse

Everyone has them. You must have them from time to time, or maybe even regularly. Maybe a charitable impulse is sparked when you read about Somalia’s famine and you want to help, or when a friend starts to volunteer at the SPCA and you want to support her cause.

Whatever creates that impulse, we want to help you act on it – in a smart, meaningful and thoughtful way.

We’re going to blogging more about charitable impulses – what they are, what to do with them, and how to make the most of them (like moving from being a spontaneous reaction that’s over in a few minutes to an action grounded in thought and consideration.)

Big stuff coming up!

Chimp is a portmanteau

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