Making donation matching part of your fundraising campaign is a proven way to mobilize grassroots donors and boost campaign results.

It’s also easier than it sounds. In fact, if your organization has major donors or sponsors, you can offer them the opportunity to be a matching sponsor for your Chimp fundraising campaign.

Once you’ve got the matching funds in hand, we’ll apply them to your next fundraising campaign so you can double every donation your charity receives.

Why it Pays to Find a Matching Sponsor

Leveraging large donations as matching funds gives your charity the power to incentivize giving. Your large donors can inspire grassroots support and increase the impact of their contribution by using it to double every dollar (up to a per-donor maximum) your charity raises.

And matching donations benefit your sponsor, too. With every donation matched, your sponsor gains brand visibility and a positive association with your cause. They can also choose to remain anonymous, if they prefer.

How to Run a Chimp Donation Matching Campaign

Ask your large donors or sponsors about putting their contribution toward a matching campaign. On Chimp, donations are matched automatically, so all you have to do is send us their cheque and we can apply it to your campaign.

Our real-time matching allows donors to see the doubling effect immediately, and our campaign features mean you’ll also get:

Icon_TaxReceiptAutomatically issued tax receipts

Icon_BrandVisibilityBrand visibility for your sponsor(s) with every match

Icon_MetricsReach and impact metrics

Icon_LiveSupportLive support with your campaign

Amplify Your Impact with Chimp

Your matching funds don’t have to be large to have a big impact! Any amount can be used to double your donations.

For help getting started with your matching campaign, contact our Client Success team at or call 1-877-531-0580. Together, we can ensure your fundraising efforts run smoothly and successfully.

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Make Your Own Match: How to Double Donations with a Matching Sponsor

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