There seem to be countless news stories these days about kids and their charitable work. We believe you don’t have to be wealthy to be a philanthropist, and these stories prove it. News-worthy kids are not only philanthropists in the making, they’re philanthropists in the ready.

The world will be theirs one day, so it only makes sense they play a part in making it better now.

Want to inspire your kids to look beyond their worlds and help others? Here are a few ideas you can do to be charitable as a family.

Volunteer together.
Skip eating the big meal this Easter and prepare one instead. Your family could volunteer at a homeless shelter preparing and serving food. If you don’t want to give up your own traditions, a food bank could likely use a lot of help prepping boxes the week or two leading up to big occasions.

Table topics.
Pick one night a week where you talk about a notable topic over dinner. Hunger, homelessness, mental illness, cancer: get your kids to think what their lives might be like if they were affected by any of these things. What would they want people to do for them? How could they help others really dealing with these topics?

Teach giving.
Set up Chimp Funds for your kids and give them a weekly “charitable allowance.” They could do extra chores around the house to earn more money for their funds, and you can help them decide which charities should receive the money.

Give together.
Start a Giving Group, which you can run like your very own family foundation. You can add the money and have your kids weigh in on where it goes. Or get the kids to add in from their own funds and they’ll feel even more involved.

Mark the days.
Take advantage of special awareness days or campaigns to teach your kids about causes related to it. Participate in events related to the day, and even fundraise for it. You could invite family members to join your Giving Group and pledge support if you all promise to avoid using electricity on Earth Day, for example.



Make giving a family matter

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