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Parents want their kids to grow up to be generous, thoughtful, community-minded adults, but putting our good intentions into practice can be a challenge. In our busy day-to-day life, creating opportunities to talk about generosity and giving back sometimes feels like heavy lifting. If you’re looking for a thoughtful, yet easy-to-do way to teach your kids about generosity, […]

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Did you know? Giving to charity produces the same effect in the brain as eating chocolate or going for a run Giving to others makes you happier and your life more meaningful People with strong social connections don’t get sick as often, heal faster and live longer Learn more: Want to Be Happier? Give More. […]

Charity Matters

We’re excited to announce that Chimp is powering The Science of Giving, a special Family Day event at Science World at the TELUS World of Science in Vancouver. On February 9, join us in a celebration of family giving: Explore causes you care about: Whether it’s animals, the environment, health or education, everyone cares about […]

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Studies have long shown that giving makes us feel good. Helping others raises our endorphin levels, reduces our stress, and actually promotes longevity. But although charity is the health equivalent of eating an apple a day, many people limit their charitable giving to special occasions — seasonal holidays or the annual fundraiser for their favourite […]