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It was its first time going to bat with employee giving, and Kent Employment Law scored a win. The Vancouver-based law firm turned its annual summer picnic and outing to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game into an opportunity to fundraise for three charities its staff wanted to support. And the results were game-changing. We spoke […]

Charity Matters

TOMS is probably best known for its canvas shoes, but the company’s achievements go well beyond creating fashionable, comfortable footwear. For the last ten years, and with the help of its customers, TOMS has excelled at making a charitable impact around the world. The TOMS Story It was a trip to Argentina in 2006, that inspired Blake […]

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Companies and large donors can now double the charitable impact of Giving Group fundraising through automated matching. Take for example, contributions to Kelly + Desiree’s Giving Group Ruben’s Shoes: Spreading Love Through Shoes which are currently being matched by Canadian singer, Michael Buble. And The Men’s Senior National Field Hockey Team received nearly $2000 in matching funds from […]