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If you’ve kept your New Year’s resolutions to date, congratulations! You’ve started the year on the right foot and you’re on your way to building healthy habits that last. If you’re looking for helping starting — and keeping — your resolutions to get healthy, it’s not too late! The trick to creating new habits and […]

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Studies have long shown that giving makes us feel good. Helping others raises our endorphin levels, reduces our stress, and actually promotes longevity. But although charity is the health equivalent of eating an apple a day, many people limit their charitable giving to special occasions — seasonal holidays or the annual fundraiser for their favourite […]

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The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was just held in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, and one of the discussions really caught our attention. It was the Philanthropy Roundtable hosted by Victor Pinchuk and moderated by Chelsea Clinton. Panelists included Google’s Eric Schmidt; Napster’s (and Facebook’s) Sean Parker; Yuri Milner, a Russian internet investor; and Alec Ross, who […]