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As a former youth pastor and Youth with a Mission (YWAM) team member, Landry McAllister had undertaken humanitarian work in more than two dozen countries around the world. So when he found himself working as a server and shift leader at Joey Restaurant in Vancouver’s Bentall Centre, the idea of doing a food-focused mission trip […]

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With recent changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act coming into effect under Bill C-24, the definition of citizenship has been in the news lately, along with questions about who’s entitled to it, and who can revoke it. It’s a conversation that has, unsurprisingly, provoked heated debated (even a lawsuit). But discussion about an issue many […]

Charity Matters

St. Patrick’s Day may have its roots in Irish Catholic history, but for North Americans, the Irish holiday has become a general celebration of all things Irish. Celtic-themed parades, shamrocks and green-tinted beverages have all become standard fare on March 17, in a hat tip to all of the contributions Ireland has given the world. […]