2019 Touchstone Family Association

Touchstone Family Association is a vital family resource that has been offering counseling in Richmond for over 35 years. Funds raised through the Community in Motion Fundraising Campaign will directly benefit the Front Porch Program.

Touchstone’s goal is to enrich and support family life and encourage healthy neighbourhoods that in turn will create stronger, caring and responsive communities.

By contributing to Touchstone's campaign you are supporting the Front Porch program - solely funded on donations. The Front Porch is a community accessible program that aims to provide counselling and support services for families as needed. Families self-refer directly. We are proactive in providing clients with solutions to their issues before they become unmanageable.

As part of the Community in Motion event activities we are running a fundraising campaign. On this page you can make an individual donation to Touchstone Family Association or create a Giving Group (click Start "A Fundraising Page" at the bottom) and raise money for Touchstone as part of a team.

After donating, you'll be issued an electronic tax receipt, courtesy of Chimp, which is processing all donations for the campaign.

Check the main Community In Motion page located at, to see, in real time, the total amount raised for the Front Porch program.