Adopt A Family - Spring 2018

Harvest Project is about families - North Shore families that are reaching out for the 'hand-up' that we extend on your behalf. 350 client-families who are our neighbours, can receive the coaching, counsel, food and clothing that they need, thanks to your support for our campaign.

At Harvest Project, we love to celebrate with client-families as they 'graduate' and move forward to fuller participation in work, school and healthier relationships.

To enable our work to continue this season and through 2018, we urgently need your help. We are welcoming hundreds of families who hope to participate in our life-changing programs. Your gift will provide the tangible support, hope and connection needed by those individuals and families striving to regain their footing.

*Your gift of $40 provides for a first visit and resources
*Your gift of $200 provides for a month's programs for a family
*Your gift of $2400 (or $200/mo.) helps a family move forward for a full year
*Your gift of any amount brings hope to families reaching for a hand up

Please make your one-time or monthly gift here - to help sponsor a family. Thanks for helping change lives. Close to home.

Since 1993, Harvest Project has worked as a safety net for those who are struggling in our our community. As a grassroots organization, we look for financial support from households, businesses, schools, churches, and community groups.

For those who have stepped up to help towards sponsoring a family - Thank you. And, we invite all of our neighbours to join with us, "extending a hand up, not a hand-out".