Bridlewood Kindergarten Playground

The kindergarten students at Bridlewood Community Elementary School are about to lose their playstructure. This means that the 100 or so kindergarteners need a new and improved play yard as soon as possible. The Bridlewood School Council is working hard to raise $15,000.00 for a new playground!

Our goal is to crate a space that will inspire education, creativity, and meaningful memories.
We have a vision and a plan in place that will make it a beautiful and fund place for the kids to play and learn, and it just the funding that stand in the way of making this happen.

Currently the play yard is a fenced-in area where the kindergartners spend most of their outdoor time. It is mostly sand and degraded asphalt with little grass, and has a 30-year old play structure that has reached the end of it's life span. the play yard is closed and unsafe a good part of the school year due to recurrent flooding that turns it into an ice rink in the winter and a muddy pond in the springtime.

Over the last few years our kindergarten population has more than doubles, and is projected to continue to grow. Because the school board does not replace play structures, the onus is on the school community to raise the funds to see the project come to life. Otherwise our kindergarten yard will remain empty and unusable.


We reached our first goal and have already raised enough funds to expand the size of the play yard, making more room for our kindergartners to play. However, all of the other issues noted above remain to be resolved, and we're looking for help in meeting our funding obligations.


Over the next year we need to raise enough funds to complete the proposed project as designed by the landscape architect engaged by the school board.


- To remove the 30-year-old run down play structure, if it isn't removed by that point
- General site grading and installation of tile drainage to fix the recurrent flooding.
- Replace the degraded asphalt paving to provide a more suitable play area
- Install and construct an outdoor classroom, complete with chalkboard, stump stools and log
- Place engineered wood fibre to make the area accessible, and to be compliant with
accessibility requirements
- Install a more suitable creative play area that includes a climbing boulder, tree climber, and
play panels
- Build a turf mound and a sandbox with a play hut for shade and for impromptu

Bridlewood is an inviting and active school where staff encourages students to become the best they can be! Academics are the main focus, as in all schools, but we also want students to develop their social skills, nurture physical, and mental well-being, and build a commitment to the community and to develop good character.

The staff works as a team to support the students and help them to set and reach personal goals. We are building a school community that includes students, staff, parents and community members who work together to provide a rich school experience for the children.

Your donation will help renew and revitalize Bridlewood school kindergarten play yard.
Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.

For more information about the project, please email