Cloverdale Catholic School Playground Fund

Will you help us reach our goal of $20,000? Will you join the 35 generous donors who have already contributed to the CCS Playground Fund?

Thanks to your generosity last year, we removed the outdated wooden climbing toy from our playground and replaced it with a brand-new swing set and spinner. This year, we are looking to continue with our playground updates by adding a "We-saw": a wheelchair-accessible, gently rocking see saw that encourages collaborative play between children of all ages and abilities.

Cloverdale Catholic School has always done it’s very best to be an inclusive community. We welcome students of all different needs and abilities. As our facilities age and the needs of our students become more diverse, it becomes increasingly important for us to invest in keeping our school as accessible as possible.

The "We-saw" helps is in our goal of making our school safe, inclusive, and welcoming for people of all needs and abilities. We can reach our financial goal if every child is able to raise $60. For every $20 every child raises, they will receive a ticket for a prize draw, so make sure to note who your donation is for (full name and grade is helpful for us to track the donations).

Thanks for your continued support of Cloverdale Catholic School.


Jason Borkowski