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We are so very close to our goal of raising $11.9 million dollars for our capital campaign. Help us finish off the $370,000 we have left to raise by donating today. Thank you!

You can still make a donation to help us complete our capital campaign. Please consider making a donation and if you would like to discuss large gifts, please contact Michael Guenter at

Co:Here is a new approach to addressing homelessness in Vancouver. 26 units of affordable and transformative housing located at East 1st Avenue and Victoria Drive in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood.

Affordable housing is well-known as one of the biggest challenges facing the homeless and those at-risk-of-homelessness in Vancouver today. However, significant issues that are often overlooked are the feelings of loneliness and isolation that go hand-in-hand with homelessness and poverty.

We are building affordable housing that will bring together people from different economic backgrounds in an authentic, supportive community that will allow vulnerable people to flourish. Residents will be invited to journey together in a mutually transformative and nurturing environment based on the principles of simplicity, community, respect, empowerment and sustainability.

Located at the corner of East 1st Avenue & Victoria Drive in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood, the building will have 26 self-contained units, a community space with a large kitchen, dining room, living room, courtyard and urban agriculture area to grow fresh food.

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