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Common Ground

East Vancouver Youth Unlimited creates common ground, an essential place for marginalized youth to experience a community of belonging and transformation.

For marginalized youth, a community of belonging is integral to supporting the transformation from street entrenchment to being an active and supporting member of society. Common ground supports this transformation by fostering a community that eats and plays together.

Our hope is that youth who are facing the challenge of homelessness, poverty, addiction and exploitation will discover their purpose, value and dignity and move towards a healthy life. We do this through our three projects (Street Life, Creative Life and Work Life), which all sit in the large bucket we call the East Vancouver Youth Unlimited Community. Common Ground supports the larger vision of East Vancouver Youth Unlimited by bringing together participants of each of these three projects to eat and play together.

Charities this Group Supports: Greater Vancouver Youth For Christ

How to Help
Supporting common ground is hard work and we need your help to make it happen. Here are 3 ways you can partner with us:
1. Donate and help us reach our $3000.00 goal.
2. Create a Giving Group and raise your own funds for this campaign.
3. Challenge one friend to give directly as well.

About the Organizers
This giving group is organized by staff of East Vancouver Youth Unlimited. East Vancouver Youth Unlimited's work focuses on youth who are facing the challenges of homelessness, poverty, addiction and exploitation.