Focusing on songbird conservation science

Thank you for making BECO’s first fundraising campaign a great success! Your contributions helped us reach our goal of raising $3,000 to support our Barn Swallow and Prairie Warbler projects. This campaign is now completed.

Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario is a small non-profit and charitable organization working to answer ecological questions and improve conservation efforts for birds in Ontario. Your support makes our work possible. Please visit our website for project updates and to find out more about how you can support BECO.

Barn Swallows and Social Cues

Barn Swallows are a species at risk in Ontario. Loss of nesting habitat, such as old barns, is one of the threats potentially contributing to the population decline. We’re testing if social cues can be used to attract Barn Swallows to new nesting structures built on properties where the birds’ nesting habitat was lost. By installing social cues, Barn Swallow vocalizations and decoys, and monitoring how the birds respond to these cues, we hope to learn more about how to create new nesting habitat for Barn Swallows.

The Prairie Warbler Project

The Prairie Warbler is a rare songbird in Canada, found only in Ontario. Many are concerned that the population could be declining, but there is no recent information on the number of birds in Ontario and the extent of their distribution. We’re working with others to find out more about where this species breeds and how many of these rare birds are in the province.

How to Help

1. Donate to support songbird conservation: Every little bit helps. Your gift supports on-the-ground research to improve Barn Swallow and Prairie Warbler conservation in Ontario.
2. Help spread the word: Please tell your friends and family about our campaign. It's easy to spread the word, and it makes a huge impact.

Thank you for your support!

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