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Hopewell Avenue Public School Yard Campaign

Let's bring back the leaves! Help us bring back trees and build new play spaces at Hopewell. Let's raise $200,000 by March 1, 2015 so we can have a better yard for the next school year.

We're closer than you think! Click here to view campaign progress (updated February 14).

Wonder how to donate? Click 'Give to the Campaign' and your donation will automatically be counted. Or, look through the Giving Groups and make your donation to a family fund or community effort.

Parents and guardians - you can also make your gift through the 'Hopewell Parents & Guardians' Giving Group. Your donation will still go right to the yard, but you'll be able to add your name, share a message, and get updates.

Alumni: there are Giving Groups for the many decades. Please find your year, join up and spread the word to your classmates.

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What's this campaign all about?

For generations, the yard at Hopewell Avenue Public School has been the heart of our community. Its tall trees and leafy shade watched over thousands of children as they learned to play, learn, grow and create. It's where fond memories are created and lifelong dreams are inspired.

Sadly, the yard lost much of its magic this past summer. All of the trees on the primary yard were cut down due to destruction from the emerald ash borer. And there's more to come. The school was recently informed that all of the play structures on the yard have expired and will be removed within a year or two.
Some structures have already been dismantled.

Imagine a yard with no trees, no shade, no play equipment - just asphalt. Hardly a place for memories.
Clearly our children and our community deserve better.

Let's bring back the leaves.

We're calling on everyone in the extended Hopewell community - those who love the school and the neighbourhood - to restore the yard to its leafy glory.

Let's raise $200,000 by March 1, 2015 to plant new trees, create new play spaces and build a yard our children, and our children's children, can treasure.

You can help! Give what you can, if you can. Organize a fundraiser on your street. Create a Giving Group on this site and invite your friends and neighbours to join you.