PACE Society

Thank you for your interest in PACE Society! For over 22 years, we have been providing frontline support, advocacy, and education to sex workers in Vancouver! Please help us to continue the important work we do. "By, With, & For Sex Workers since 1994"


PACE promotes safer working conditions by reducing harm and isolation through education and support. We believe that Sex Workers are valuable members of our community and are entitled to the same rights as all other human beings.

We envision a future where all Sex Workers are free from the risk of violence, discrimination, social stigmas and harms so they may enjoy the same rights as all other Canadian citizens, including the rights to life, liberty, security of the person and equal protection under the law. 


We provide peer-based critical frontline supports to Sex Workers, including violence prevention education, peer counselling, advocacy, referrals, peer outreach, and drop-in services.

Your contributions make a significant difference in the lives of Sex Workers. When you donate to our organization, you help us to provide vital services and supports to Sex Workers.