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Kili Climb for Amani 2015

The annual Kilimanjaro Climb for the Amani Kids is taking place in July this year. It is led by a team from Live Out Loud Adventures, who believes that part of any summit experience involves giving back to the place that has just served to empower and invigorate them.

The climb up Kilimanjaro is a 7-day, 36-mile walk on the Machame-Mweka route, through rainforest, heath, moorland, and glacier to the summit of the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

What makes our climb unique is the opportunity to give back: what we take from the mountain personally we give back to the community, globally and locally.

Amani Children’s Home
Giving back globally

Amani is the Swahili word for PEACE. Founded in 2002, Amani Children's Home provides a nurturing place for homeless children on the streets of Tanzania to heal, grow and learn.

Amani is committed to creating a path for each child that leads to a future filled with hope. In addition to providing long-term care, whenever possible, it reunites children with relatives. If needed, it pays for school fees and equips families with the tools to be self-sustainable.

Climbers visit to the Amani home on the first day of the trip – a visit that enables them to interact with the children, celebrate African culture, and contribute in a meaningful way.

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Limestone Learning Foundation
Giving back locally

The Limestone Learning Foundation helps local children with creative enhanced learning opportunities through numeracy, literacy, technology, sciences and the arts.

Our Goal

Our goal – a stretch goal to aim for – is to raise $5,000 per climber.

70% of the funds raised will go to the Amani Children’s Home in Moshi, Tanzania and 30% will go to the Limestone Learning Foundation in Kingston, Canada.

Join our Group of Donors

Fundraising for these children is not meant to be a stress but rather an extension of the experience. As climbers begin their fundraising campaign, they discover a group of friends that admires what they’re doing, respects their dreams, and cheers them on.

Join us in supporting Amani and the Limestone Learning Foundation.