LEAN - Local Effective Altruism Network

The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN) conducts empirical research on effective altruism and provides tools for effective altruists to do the most good through the EA Hub.

Empirical research on Effective Altruism

We lead the work on the Effective Altruism Survey and the Local Groups Survey alongside the Centre for Effective Altruism. Together with Rethink Priorities, we turn our data into key analyses on the shape and direction of Effective Altruism

Tools to do the most good with

We have released the EA Hub, aiming to enable and inspire collaboration within the EA movement by making it easier for people to network, and work together on promising initiatives.

It delivers, among other features, actionable advice and guidance based on empirical analysis and a map of the global EA community along with individual and group profiles.

Next in queue is the projects feature, allowing users to share what they're working on.