Miss World Canada supports Variety

Miss World Canada 2015 prides itself on its philanthropic focus of “Beauty with a Purpose” and has chosen Variety - The Children’s Charity of British Columbia as its charity partner.

Teamwork Makes More Little Victories Possible

Variety sees each child who has special needs as a champion, through their courage and perseverance to overcome challenges that may seem small to some but are epic achievements for them. Variety helps to ensure little victories are possible by fundraising to provide grants for life-saving medical care and services, life-changing mobility, communication and therapies, and life-enriching education and experiences.

Together, with Miss World Canada 2015 delegates, we’re creating even more little victories.

How Miss World Canada Delegates Are Creating Little Victories

Miss World Canada delegates become ardent fundraisers for Variety as soon as they are accepted into the pageant. Many continue to fundraise in their communities long before the annual Grand Crowning Gala. Over the past five years, delegates have raised more than $300,000 for Variety, setting a powerful example for youthful audiences about the importance of donating time and energy to a good cause.

The Difference You Can Make

You can help ensure more little victories are possible for children across British Columbia by helping Miss World Canada delegates reach their fundraising goals. Visit the delegates’ personal fundraising pages and support them in their campaigns. All funds raised by Miss World Canada delegates go directly to Variety - The Children’s Charity of British Columbia.

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You can also connect with Variety on Facebook and Twitter