Neutron Factory Works

It's simple – we are going hungry so they don’t have to. You are challenged to engage in a 24-hour famine to promote awareness and raise funds for food security in the DTES.


Because we should and can.

To raise critical funds to fight food insecurity in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Access to healthy low-cost food in the Downtown Eastside is limited and often unattainable for those who struggle to make a living wage.

Poverty directly affects the quality of food individuals consume. Food items with the most nutritional benefits tend to be the most expensive to purchase, leaving low-income families and individuals to go without necessities such as fruits, vegetables, and proteins (Statistics Canada).

Your donations support:

Training 360 women a year on food security and provision. Expanding to 720 with your help.

Add provision of 100 meals a day 4 times a week all year to Downtown Eastside Women's Centre “Beauty Nights” Program.

Supplement meals and fund food programming for East Vancouver youth. 200 meals a week,10,400 meals a year.

Continued support of meal program to Rainier women's hotel, 40 meals a day, 14,600 for the entire year.

Supplementing and adding nutrition to our current meal program of 767 meals a day to 8 Single Room Occupancy Hotels in the DTES. This equals 279,995 meals a year.

Megaphone Magazine Vendors: 50 meals a day, 18,250 meals a year.

The Binners Project: 50 meals once a month, 600 meals a year.

Vancouver Women's Health Collective: 40 meals a week, 2,080 meals a year.

Provide emergency food for organizations working in the DTES.

...and many other projects just like these.