Pro Exp Media's Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Hi! We are Pro Exp Media Inc. based in Richmond, BC. We strive to be known for something GREATER than just being an organization whose purpose is to deliver technology products and/or services to the market. We believe that when we give with purpose, we can create more meaningful change.

As a small startup tech and marketing company, our purpose is to be able to make a significant difference in whatever it is that we do. Not only do we aim to enhance consumer experiences using our technology, but we aim for something GREATER. We always aim to lead with authenticity and to build a loyal and accepting community. We aim to be memorable.

We are six hearts that beat as one and have interests outside of what we do for work. One of the many things we have in common is that we want to be known as 'The Little Company That Could'. We want to be the company that despite our size, has a voice louder than any other that can reach all corners of the world. Through optimism and hard work, WE can make a difference and as a collective we can raise funds and create a massive wave of awareness for Mental Health.

Mental Health has deeply affected all of us in one way or another whether it's through a family member, a friend or distant relative. We understand that there is still a stigma attached to mental illness that we want to help bring awareness to and what better way to do it than to invite the world to dance with us? Everyone enjoys dancing. If not in public, behind closed doors when no one is watching.

We know that Mental Health is something that many talk about, but there can never be ENOUGH conversations. There can never be ENOUGH fundraising initiatives. Besides, we know that many people working together towards a common goal is always better than one. We are confident that with your help, we can go above and beyond what we see this campaign being.

We are SO excited to start this campaign and hope that you can join us in one way or another.

We would appreciate your help in any of the following ways :

1.) DANCE LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING! Record a 1 minute or less video clip of you dancing (in any fashion/setting you would like) and post it to social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Youtube) using the #DLNOWChallenge and be sure to tag @dlnowchallenge so we can see it and count it towards our total number of videos created.

2.) Spread the word and tell your friends to participate! Tag them and give them 24 HOURS to get their dance video up on social media. Don't forget to encourage them to use #DLNOWChallenge and to tag @dlnowchallenge.

3.) DONATE through our campaign page where proceeds go towards the CMHA.

Pro Exp Media will donate $1 per video (up to $10,000) that is visible to the public through social media (ie. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). We will be counting videos that appear using the #dlnowchallenge and videos that we are tagged in using @dlnowchallenge. If you want to ensure your video is seen and counted towards our donations, please ensure your video is tagged AND hashtagged.