RC Forward: Future Prosperity Fund

Rethink Charity supports high-impact charities around the world. Donations going to our funds will be allocated to evidence-based charities. These charities have been recommended by charity evaluators like the Open Philanthropy Project so you know that your donation is making a big impact.

One of the most effective ways of doing good is to take action now to reduce the chances of catastrophic harm occurring in the future. Charities like these are some of the best places to donate to ensure a brighter future. Admittedly the effects of these charities are harder to measure, because their aims are to prevent terrible things from happening in the future. Consequently, charities that focus on preventing future risks can be judged on the scale of the potential disaster they aim to avert, and their likelihood of success.

Currently, the Far Future Fund allocates donations to the following charities based on recommendations from charity evaluators:

-Machine Intelligence Research Institute (artificial intelligence research)
-Future of Humanity Institute (researching existential risk)
-Center for Applied Rationality (finding logical solutions)

Our goal is to guide giving with reason and evidence, so you don't have to guess which charities will do the most good. We support many different kinds of charities, all unified by one thing: evidence showing they're among the best in the world. See for more information.


IMPORTANT: If you start your own campaign, anyone can give and be issued a tax receipt, but please make sure donors to your campaign know that these receipts are only valid for Canadian taxpayers.

RC Forward (teamed up with the Chimp Foundation) is giving Canadian donors the opportunity to donate tax deductibly to high-impact charities in and outside of Canada. Donate to our other funds or to specific charities by visiting

Tee Barnett and Baxter Bullock are co-founders of RC Forward, Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC) and Executive Directors of Rethink Charity, organizations dedicated to teaching people about how to make the largest positive impact on the world with their time, skills, and money.

Baxter is a former high school math teacher who has traveled in over 30 countries. Tee earned his M.A. specializing in International Development from National Chengchi University (政治大學) in Taipei.


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