Run Rabbi Run!

Help celebrate Schara Tzedeck's 110th Anniversary by donating to "Run Rabbi Run!", as we retrace our roots from Heatly Street to Oak Street! Every dollar donated will help get the Rabbi (and his team) further along the route. Join us and be a part of something "runtastic!"

Help us continue the Schara Tzedeck Legacy. This Mosaic campaign will help us with:

1) Proactive programming and engagement. Schara Tzedeck is reaching new families, immigrants, young families, and youth. The year has been one of engagement and vitality. Having the support of the Mosaic donors allows us to continue this level of engagement in our community.

2) Linkyid and Chessed programs. We have made it a point over the past 3 years to make an impact on the greater Vancouver Jewish community by leveraging our network to provide mentorship and employment to newcomers. While this program was initiated for immigrants it has drawn interest and participation form within the membership of Schara Tzedeck as well. We believe we have assisted with over 30 hirings and have provided mentorship to countless more.

3) Security: The past several months have brought awareness to the need to improve the security preparedness of our synagogue. We have identified many potential upgrades and we need special mosaic support in order to achieve that goal.