Join us, April 11th, 2015, SPARK Creations in partnership with Dress for Success Vancouver will be hosting the SPARK IT FORWARD Race. A race throughout downtown Vancouver where racers are asked to complete tasks that pay it forward to others. 100% of proceeds will go to Dress For Success Vancouver.

SPARK Creations' purpose is creating and inspiring loving human connections! This video is a similar event that the Founders of SPARK Creations co-created back in 2007, 2010 and 2011. The upcoming SPARK IT FORWARD Race will continue to support both SPARK Creations and Dress for Success Vancouver to empower individuals to live their best life!

This year, we are raising $20,000 to fund the amazing programs and services of Dress for Success Vancouver, a community empowering women into the workforce.

We are recruiting teams of 4 to participate in this exciting SPARK IT FORWARD Race! Raise $1500 as a team and be eligible to win fabulous prizes!

How to Help:

A. Please donate to this campaign
B. Participate!

1) Start a Race Team of 4.
As a Race Team Captain, please start a "Giving Group" by clicking on the top right green button. Create a Race Team Name and list your 4 Race Team Members in the group content.

2) Share and start fundraising.
Post this page and video on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and/or send out an email. Get the word out! The fundraising goal is $1500 with a minimum requirement of $500 per team.

3)Share and donate more.
Every donation counts! Please support our cause by sharing this event to as many people as possible and/or donate to one or more of the Giving Groups (Race Teams). Thanks again for your support!

About SPARK Creations & Company Inc.:

Since 2011, SPARK has inspired over 1000 women and men rediscover their core values and true purpose in life and has partnered with over 50 organizations to develop and integrate company values and purpose through their strategic planning sessions, leadership development programs, engagement / 360 interviews, flow (lean and process) management programs, corporate retreats, interactive workshops, speaking engagements, leadership and team coaching, and success circles (masterminding groups).

About Dress for Success Vancouver:

Dress for Success Vancouver is a community empowering women into the workforce by providing them with professional attire, career services, and skills development programs. Established in 1999, Dress for Success Vancouver was the first International affiliate providing over 20,000 suitings to women in the Lower Mainland.