St.James & St.Ann's School: Walkathon 2018

We are building a ‘St. James’ & St. Ann’s Legacy Fund’ for the purpose of supporting the ‘Furnishings and Fittings’ of a new school building.

The community of St. James and St. Ann's Elementary School is building a Legacy Fund with a view towards the future. Building a new school is a huge undertaking and will require a community effort between the school and our supporting parishes. For the school's part, we are raising funds for "Furnishings and Fittings" for when we move into the new school.

The ‘St. James’ & St. Ann’s Legacy Fund’ will be added to each year while the planning and building of the new school occurs over the next few years. It is our sincere hope to grow this fund into a substantial amount so that our transition into a new school building will be a success.

The students at St. James and St. Ann's Elementary will complete their Walkathon on April 27, 2018. For many students, they go door to door asking for pledges or they ask their parents and family members for pledges. It is our hope that our extended community, both locally and abroad, can use this online platform to show their support of our school.

St. James and St. Ann's Elementary School is committed to providing an excellent Catholic education for all of our current and future students. We are very grateful for your support and contribution.

Please select a group (class) to support by clicking on the appropriate link under the Campaign Giving Groups. If you do not see the class you are looking for please click the link that says "See All Groups." Once you are in a Giving Group, you can read the "About" tab to learn about the fundraiser and how to donate. Thank you.