The Push For Change

On May 1, 2016 Joe Roberts, former homeless youth, started to push a shopping cart 9000 km across Canada to raise awareness and dollars to prevent youth homelessness. This national trek began in St. John’s, NL and will end 17 months later on Sep 30, 2017 in Vancouver, BC.

Over 400 community and school events are being organized by our community champions as we trek the country! Visit our events calendar at for an event near you!

Our goal is to raise awareness AND .50 from every Canadian, a total of $17,000,000 which will fund The Upstream Project, a newly developed school based youth homeless prevention model administered by our charitable partner; Raising the Roof.

Get involved in an event, or one of three fun(d) raising campaigns: SleepOut Challenge, Celebrity Cart, or Walk with Joe.

Support the End of Youth Homelessness in Canada.

To engage the country with the “Possibility” of ending youth homelessness as we know it today.

To create a country where vulnerable youth are supported at the crucial crossroad in their life — keeping them engaged in school and community and preventing them from entering homelessness.

We believe that ending Youth Homelessness is possible
We believe all young people deserve to reach their full potential
We believe inspired action can change the world

1. We will not rest until we have created sustainable change for Canadian Youth.

2. We will not be satisfied until we have a nation of people in action – we want to engage Canadians in thinking differently about the extraordinary impact we can have when we work together, and then motivate them to get in unstoppable action to effect change in our country one community at a time.

We want the Push for Change to be much more than a trek to raise awareness and money. We want it to be a call to action, to get involved now, and for the long term. We believe that ending youth homelessness in Canada is possible!

Imagine the difference we can make, if we do this together!

We share an unshakeable belief that change and transformation are possible with the right resources, the right people and the right purpose.

Having witnessed transformation in our own and others’ lives, personally and professionally, we have developed a passion for helping others see that there is more to them than they currently see.