Trails For All - Seymour Adaptive MTB Loop

Support the creation of the Trails for All - Seymour adaptive mountain bike trail by the North Shore Mountain Bike Association. Neptune Terminals has stepped up to support this project by matching the community's donations up to $10,000. Help us create an accessible experience on the North Shore!

The North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) will begin work to create an “all access trail loop” by upgrading three existing multi-use trails on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver to create a fun, inclusive mountain bike experience for individuals who use adaptive mountain bikes (aMTBs). The loop incorporates three existing trails: Old Buck to Bridle Path, Bridle Path to Empress Bypass, and Empress Bypass descent (See map below).

The project has a budget over $30,000 and plans to be completed in March 2019.
We are grateful for the financial contributions of Neptune Terminals and the BC Parks Park Enhancement Fund. The NSMBA has also applied for a BC Capital Gaming Grant to support the projects completion.

Through this project, the NSMBA will be increasing the opportunities for outdoor recreation for people with mobility challenges. As such, this work is meant to create a trail network that will meet the ever-increasing demand for adaptive outdoor recreation experiences (an example of this demand is the over 1000 waitlist of Whistler’s adaptive skiing program and comments submitted in our own annual survey) and ensure that all users feel welcome on the trails.

While creating a loop for users of adaptive mountain bikes is the core goal of this project, the trail changes and improvements we propose are also designed to enhance the riding enjoyment for youth, families, and less experienced mountain bikers. Hikers, trail runners, and dog walkers will also benefit as our proposal includes the twinning of the downhill section of the loop to include a path for foot traffic only, enabling all trail users to enjoy this shared resource safely

Through this project, we will also be able to facilitate more community engagement in our mobilization of volunteers to help conduct the trail work, contributing to a more environmentally and socially conscious community.

As the North Shore trail networks continue to gain more accessible options for all trail users, the result will be an even more outdoor recreation centered community, fostering healthy lifestyles and stewardship of our shared areas.

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