Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary

Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary (WPBS) is a place where hundreds of furry, feathered, two-legged and four-legged animals have found a home. They had been rescued, abandoned or surrendered and brought to the sanctuary for shelter, medical care and unconditional love.

WPBS is located in the Okanagan and is run by a small group of big hearted volunteers who care for bunnies, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, degus, cats, dogs, pot bellied pigs, birds and many types of other animals. We never turn away an animal in need but we try to make sure all other options have been explored. We do not re-home animals. We provide education and understanding for care and habitat and advocate for the welfare of all animals.

WPBS began as a rescue sanctuary for bunnies and has grown to welcome many other kinds of animals that have been abandoned, injured or abused. We are run entirely by volunteers and rely on donations to care for the all the animals. We are are a registered non-profit and donations help to provide food, veterinary services, neutering/spaying and housing.

Here are a few options... $20.00 per month sponsors one of our lovely animals providing them with food and bedding $150.00 spays or neuters one of our wonderful animals $500.00 helps us build new enclosures and upgrade old ones $1,000.00 pays for one months worth of food for all the animals at the Sanctuary We appreciate all your help and are happy to provide tax receipts.

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