2 Spirited People Of The 1st Nations

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Provide health consulting, information, advice, financial assistance and supportive care to aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS. Other educational programs to aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS, their families, and friends.

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2016 Revenues: $423,316

$0: Total cash given to the charity for which tax receipts were issued.
$0: Total amount of non-cash gifts (e.g. securities, equipment, buildings, artwork, other in-kind gifts) made to the charity for which tax receipts were issued.
$0: Total amount received from other registered charities.
$0: Charities don’t issue tax receipts when a donor can’t be identified or doesn't want one. This category also includes collection boxes.
$411,988: Total amount received from any level of government in Canada.
$11,328: Income that doesn’t fit into other categories, such as sales revenue, interest and investment income, membership fees, etc.

2016 Expenditures: $423,892

$324,318: Total amount spent on charitable programs. "Programs" cover all charitable activities the organization carries out on its own.
$0: Total amount spent on fundraising, including office expenses, overhead, promotion costs, etc.
$99,574: Total amount spent on management and administration, including board meetings, accounting, rent, office supplies, etc.
$0: Total amount of gifts to qualified organizations. The majority of these donees are registered charities but some other organizations qualify as well.
$0: Expenses that don’t fit into another category, including political activities.

Assets, 2016 Year End: $30,981

$0: Total cash readily available.
$8,046: Amounts owed by individuals and organizations.
$0: Amounts invested in individuals and organizations
$8,968: Land and buildings at fair market value as well as equipment, vehicles, etc. The figure is net accumulated ammortization.
$13,967: Assets not falling under one of the other categories.

Liabilities, 2016 Year End: $74,318

$37,289: Short-term portion of debt obligations such as loans, mortgages, notes, and payments due for goods and services received.
$0: Amounts owing to founders, directors/trustees and like officials, non-arm’s length employees or members.
$37,029: Liabilities not falling under one of the other categories.

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2 Spirited People Of The 1st Nations's headquarters is located at 105 145 Front Street East, Toronto ON, M5A1E3.

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