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Sermons of every Thursday evenings and on Fridays at noon are continuing as usual. Daily evening programs during the Islamic months of Ramadhan and Muharram continues. In addition special programs for Eids, and on the birth and death of the Holy Prophet (May Allah Showers His Blessing upon him and his progeny), and the Holy Imams (May Allah Showers His Blessing upon them) are arranged. English Lectures mainly for the youth and children, so as to teach them the basic human values, to the benefit of mankind in general also continues. Programs to increase interaction between seniors and children so as to provide benefit to both the groups. The above come to over 200 regularly scheduled programs.

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2016 Revenues: $63,041

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2016 Expenditures: $63,265

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Al Eman Society Of Canada's headquarters is located at 120 Bermondsey Road, Toronto ON, M4A1X5.

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