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Lookout Housing and Health Society provides minimum barrier housing and health services to vulnerable adults who live with a wide variety of challenges that include extreme poverty, mental health, chronic illness, mobility issues, substance use, and trauma. Making a financial gift to Lookout is a wise social investment. This year Lookout was named as one of Canada'a Top 100 Charities in Canada by Maclean's Magazine (based on Charity Intelligence Canada ratings). We are one of just ten charities in BC found to excel in financial transparency, cost-efficiency and accountability. Lookout currently operates more than 95 programs across 41 different sites in 14 communities across Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. Every night we house up to 1,528 vulnerable people through our shelters, transitional, supportive, and social housing while our outreach, health, mental health and other programs reach another 1,250 individuals every day. Lookout focuses on positive outcomes, going beyond traditional solutions by fostering growth and change through innovative service delivery and collaborative partnerships. Our goal is to assist individuals to move towards stable housing and wellness.

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2018 Revenues: $34,035,797

<b>65646</b>: Total cash given to the charity for which tax receipts were issued.
<b>36681</b>: Total amount of non-cash gifts (e.g. securities, equipment, buildings, artwork, other in-kind gifts) made to the charity for which tax receipts were issued.
<b>768660</b>: Total amount received from other registered charities.
<b>138064</b>: Charities don’t issue tax receipts when a donor can’t be identified or doesn't want one. This category also includes collection boxes.
<b>27406149</b>: Total amount received from any level of government in Canada.
<b>5620597</b>: Income that doesn’t fit into other categories, such as sales revenue, interest and investment income, membership fees, etc.

2018 Expenditures: $32,774,142

<b>30742930</b>: Total amount spent on charitable programs. "Programs" cover all charitable activities the organization carries out on its own.
<b>0</b>: Total amount spent on fundraising, including office expenses, overhead, promotion costs, etc.
<b>1961702</b>: Total amount spent on management and administration, including board meetings, accounting, rent, office supplies, etc.
<b>69510</b>: Total amount of gifts to qualified organizations. The majority of these donees are registered charities but some other organizations qualify as well.
<b>0</b>: Expenses that don’t fit into another category, including political activities.

Assets, 2018 Year End: $50,171,454

<b>9264543</b>: Total cash readily available.
<b>651591</b>: Amounts owed by individuals and organizations.
<b>1145502</b>: Amounts invested in individuals and organizations
<b>38697904</b>: Land and buildings at fair market value as well as equipment, vehicles, etc. The figure is net accumulated ammortization.
<b>411914</b>: Assets not falling under one of the other categories.

Liabilities, 2018 Year End: $42,359,521

<b>3076020</b>: Short-term portion of debt obligations such as loans, mortgages, notes, and payments due for goods and services received.
<b>0</b>: Amounts owing to founders, directors/trustees and like officials, non-arm’s length employees or members.
<b>39283501</b>: Liabilities not falling under one of the other categories.

Worldwide Locations

Lookout Housing And Health Society's headquarters is located at 544 Columbia Street, New Westminster BC, V3L1B1.

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Where the Money Goes

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Lookout Foundation $69,510.00

1 gifts to qualified organizations totalled$69,510.00

Fundraising Methods

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