Everyone wants something in the world to change.

Fundraising together with others makes giving more impactful, social and fun.

And it helps solve problems you care about in a big way.

“The bigger the network of people pulling for you and really championing the cause, the better off you will be.”
David Carter
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Giving Groups

Giving Groups empower you to invite friends, family, co-workers and social networks to join you in making a difference together. Use your Giving Group to participate in fundraising events, or to initiate support for your favourite causes anytime you choose.

  • Raise money with any group of people, wherever they are.
  • Turn regular activities (book club, birthday parties, fitness challenges, etc.) into giving opportunities.
  • Support any Canadian charity (or multiple charities) of your choice.
  • Incentivize giving by matching donations.
  • Donate money raised immediately or save up to give later.
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Tailor your fundraising campaign to meet your needs — and those of your audience. Cast a wide net to engage existing and new supporters in sharing your story and fundraising alongside you for any Canadian charity or cause.

  • Aggregate multiple Giving Groups under your campaign banner.
  • Drive grassroots giving by matching donations automatically and in real time.
  • Gain valuable insight into donor behaviour.
  • Minimize setup and administration so you can focus on getting people engaged.
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Need a broader solution for your fundraising initiative? CHIMP Movements bring together multiple campaigns so you can unify charities, companies, regions or other wide-ranging fundraising efforts under a single branded banner.

  • Rally people together in support of a cause, region or event to benefit multiple charities.
  • Create momentum and a bigger impact by adding an element of competition.
  • Match donations at the individual, Giving Group, Campaign or Movement level.
  • Track overall impact and gain insight into donor behaviour within individual Campaigns and Giving Groups.
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