9 Billion Lives

9 Billion Lives is a new Impact Enterprise operating as a global catalyst for transformative change. We are focused on enabling innovators to take bolder action towards impact and empowering investors and funders to support them.

Organizer: Eric Beynon

Type Of Group: Education and Research

Location: Toronto, ON


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The Group's Purpose

9 Billion Lives’ driving vision is a future where innovation enables every individual to live a full life within the limits of the earth. This is our North Star.

There is a need to accelerate the deployment of bigger, higher impact initiatives to meet the world’s challenges and confront growing global inequity. The world’s population is growing rapidly, adding roughly a billion people in the next decade. Current practices are unsustainable. Wealth has never been more unevenly distributed and we would exhaust the resources of 5 planets if 9 billion people lived the way many of us do now. With increasing affluence comes the demand for better lifestyles. We need to take action now to secure our future.

Enter 9 Billion Lives - your trusted partner for bold impact.

Our objective is to become a global leader in evidence about bold-impact potential (higher-risk, high-impact opportunities) and to use this evidence as the foundation for a platform that facilitates funding and investment in bold-impact initiatives.

The 9 Billion Lives Imagine-Think-Act platform will change behaviour in the innovation and financial sectors by identifying innovations of bold-impact potential, becoming an impact partner and then brokering investment and funding. We will allow people and organizations to act differently, behave collaboratively and undertake BOLD initiatives that can drive the meaningful change we need.

Visit: www.9billionlives.org

How to Help

Help us solve the world’s greatest challenges as we approach 9 billion people.
- Fund and support 9 Billion Lives and help catalyze breakthrough innovations that can have a big impact.
- Volunteer to be a mentor to one of our impact jam teams
- Share and use the 9 Billion VISION and LENS in your organization and in your life
- Partner and collaborate with our network of leading critical thinkers for our Radical Insight, helping us establish a global hub for impact in Canda

You can make a difference.

About the Organizers

Positioned to Think & Act Big: The 9BL team has the experience and drive to deliver its vision. 

Innovation-to-Impact Catalyst: Eric Beynon
Eric was a principal architect of the global $20mm NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Competition that is reimagining CO2 and how the world is tackling climate change. $100mm has been mobilized to catalyze global innovation to create new industry that can turn CO2 from a waste into valuable products. Eric helped Canada’s oil sands sector address climate change and previous led global business interaction with the United Nations on all aspects of sustainability.

Strategic Mind: Steve Murgatroyd, PhD
Futurist engaged in educational innovation and outcome and impact evaluation for technology and sustainable development.

Brand and Strategic Communications Specialist: Leah Andrew
Brand strategist dedicated to helping develop and communicate authentic stories in today’s digital world.

Start-Up Accelerator and Investor: Tom Ogaranko
Entrepreneur and technology expert focused on stimulating and growing innovative capacity.

Collaboration Hacker: Joakim de Leeuw
In-house digital innovation specialist and lead of Impact Jams. Lawyer turned digital strategist, obsessed with advancing innovation for next generation internet solutions.

Community Engagement - Carissa Consoli