9 Billion Lives

9 Billion Lives is a new organization focused on inspiring and accelerating bold solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

Organizer: Eric Beynon

Type Of Group: Education and Research

Location: Toronto, ON


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The Group's Purpose

By 2040, the world's population will reach, and by many estimates, start to level at 9 billion. 9 Billion Lives envisions a future in which every individual can live a full life within the limits of the Earth.

To achieve this vision, 9 Billion Lives works to enable innovative, high-impact solutions to global challenges at the scale of 9 billion people. Our focus is to:

ADVOCATE – For the 9 billion Lives objective and to refocus solutions towards bold impact;

THINK - Uncover high-impact pathways through systematic open-source intelligence; and

ACT - Create a platform of thoughtful action that marries funders/investors with innovations of high impact potential.

Visit: www.9billionlives.org

How to Help

Help us solve the world’s greatest challenges as we approach 9 billion people.
- Fund and support 9 Billion Lives and help catalyse breakthrough innovations that can have a big impact.
- Share and use the 9 Billion VISION and LENS
- Partner and collaborate with our network of leading critical thinkers.

You can make a difference.

About the Organizers

The 9BL team has the experience and drive to deliver its vision. 

Eric Beynon, MBA - Chief Innovator & Instigator - Principal Architect of the Global $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition. 

Tadzia GrandPre, PhD, MBA - Scientist & Resident Logician - Architect of innovative science education programs supporting teachers and students in underserved Texas communities. 

Steve Murgatroyd, PhD - Strategist & Networker - Founder of a technology company focused on innovation through collaboration.