Alyssa Van Oostveen | VA16

I'm a volunteer missionary for Youth With a Mission (YWAM). I am staffing a School of Digital Filmmaking, where we train filmmakers to succeed in a world of film while keeping strong in their faith with God. We train missionaries for the film industry, to be a witness to those they meet in the job.

Organizer: Alyssa Van Oostveen

Type Of Group: Culture & Arts

Location: Dunham, QC




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The Group's Purpose

Our hope is to train people how to have a job in the industry but also how to keep strong in their faith. Educating them to be a filmmaker and how to use their creative gifts from God to further his kingdom through Film.

How to Help

Our organization does not make money. I am volunteering my time to help with this vision of getting Christians into the Film Industry. Any amount that can be donated is a huge help to help pay for living expenses so I can be a part of this vision.

About the Organizers

I grew up in a small town in Ontario Canada. I was adopted into an amazing family with an older brother and younger sister. My father is the pastor of our church. All my life I have be overly blessed not just with my great family but also in my creativity. Ever since I was young all I could do was create and tell stories. Now that I am older I have found my purpose to share stories for all to hear. Stories that people are too afraid to share. Stories that further God's kingdom on earth. I hope that I am able to help spread this passion I have to others, and I am so excited to have the chance to help train others inspiring to go out into the world to share stories, while also being a witness for God.