Andreanne Morin - Going 4 Gold

Organizer: Steven Davis

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The Group's Purpose

Welcome to all my awesome family, friends and supporters that have lived vicariously through me my Olympic dream!

Victory can not be achieved in isolation. Through these 12 years on the national team, I've drawn from your support whether it be for a high five, some perspective or a meaningful financial donation. As my third Olympics are around the corner, I cannot stress enough the importance of the immense support I have had. I feel incredibly lucky to be representing Canada at the London 2012 Olympics in the Women's 8. Please know that the success that I (we as a team) achieve has a direct correlation with the support and the help around me. No medal is the outcome of a single person.

I've created a giving group because without teamwork and support I wouldn't be competing at my 3rd Olympics in London. Now lets make a difference for the selected charities that have impacted me over the course of my athletic career and that are close to my heart! Thanks to a generous donation from the Elysium Foundation, each $1 raised in this group will be matched, up to the first $10,000 we raise. Merci pour votre support, c'est très apprécié!

1. Canadian Parks And Wilderness Society La Société Pour La Nature Et Les Parcs Du Canada - As any canadian, I love our wilderness and green spaces. I row on lakes, run in the woods and I want their preservation.

2. La Societe De Quebec Pour Prevenir Les Cruautes Contre Les Animaux/Quebec Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals - I rescued a black scottie Beatrice about 3 years ago and she is pure joy in my life!

3. Clean Air Champions - I've worked for this organization. They get Olympians to teach children to adopt active lifestyles and preserve the environment. A truly exemplary education program!

4. La Fondation Du Cancer Du Sein Du Quebec/Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation - Too many women close to me are battling Breast Cancer.

5. Can FUND- A group that supports amateur athletes towards their dreams of competing at the Olympics. An great group that has thrown me a financial lifeline a few times!

How does it work? Simple. Pledge money for results that my team and I are striving for below. Or pledge for something different. As well, feel free to leave me a message here and interact with me along my journey at the 2012 Games. The more support the better!

Some of my personal goals for the London Olympics, which you can choose to support are:

1. Advancing straight to the finals by winning the heats on July 29th.

2. Etre la première québecoise à l'aviron a remporté une médaille Olympique! Be the first female Quebec rower to earn an Olympic Medal.

3. Winning a GOLD medal on August 2nd.

Feel free to pledge for anything, and for any amount, you wish!


Thanks everyone for your continued support. I will be drawing from all of you, family & friends as I chase my dream of Olympic Gold on August 2nd!

Give your everything,