Are You Syrious? / North Vancouver Chapter

We are a group of North Vancouver residents united around a single goal - to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. We have been inspired by the work Are You Syrious is doing in Europe, and we think we can also help. Fore more info, please see: www.facebook.com/AreYouSyriousCanada

Organizer: Emina Dervisevic

Type Of Group: International Aid and Development

Location: North Vancouver, BC


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The Group's Purpose

The initiative was started by two North Vancouver residents - Emina and Tom, and since then it has expanded, and it now has 7 more members: Christl, Shawn, Pam, Hedi, Maryam, Lisa and Brian.

The Syrian family that the group is sponsoring has been identified as a priority for assistance, and have had a difficult journey. It's a young family with two very young children, currently stationed in Jordan.

We have teamed up with the Anglican Diocese of Vancouver for sponsorship application, but are responsible to raise the required funds and assist the family. To sponsor them to Canada, the federal government recommends certain amounts of funds for settlement, which we set as the fund-raising objective for a series of our fund-raising initiatives and events.

How to Help

The Anglican Diocese has a great deal of experience sponsoring refugees, so the intent is for them to process the funds that we raise for this family. The funds will be spent on the family's accommodation, food, and education needs. We are closely collaborating with MOSAIC who will assist in the formal application process and with transition and translation.

We have submitted our Fundraising and Settlement Plan to the Anglican Diocese for approval, but will need your help with raising funds ... and every little (or big) bit helps. We and the family receiving the benefits of sponsorship will be very grateful for whatever you are able to donate.

If we know and recognize you, we will add you to our Facebook page, and keep you updated on this family's adventures and new successes. You will become a member of a community that has come together to make a difference, and save one, two, four lives, and become a pathway to this family's brighter future. Join us in believing that a small community of like-minded people can make a big impact.

For more information about this family and their story, as well as our fund-raising events please see our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AreYouSyriousNorthShore
Thank you, and please help spread the word!

About the Organizers

Emina is a North Vancouver resident, mom and volunteer, but originally from Bosnia. While still in high school in Croatia, the war in former Yugoslavia broke out. She was briefly a refugee in Germany, and after returning to Croatia, Emina's family was able to help a significant number of refugees from Bosnia by offering a place to say while waiting to transition to their final destinations - Germany, Norway and Canada. These people are now successful and contributing citizens in their new countries. Their stories are truly inspiring.

Tom is a retired Vancouver City Planner and long time North Vancouver resident with many community contacts and involvements, including PCRS, a large BC social service organization. Travel, trekking and work have taken Tom to many countries, including south eastern Turkey.