Athleticism vs. Gluttony - 30 Days of Running and Hot Dogs

Starting on August 25, 2014 Leslie Collin will be running at least 3km EVERY DAY for 30 Days, and Michaela Davies will be EATING ONE HOT DOG PER DAY for 30 days

Organizer: Leslie Collin

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: Vancouver, BC


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The Group's Purpose

It's all in support of an awesome event to raise money for the Downtown Eastside... in an epic ping-pong tournament... known as #Techpong. Check out techpong.ca for more info

Every time I don't run in a day or Michaela doesn't eat a hot dog in a day, we have to donate $100 to the Chimp fund. We are pretty motivated to do this.

How to Help

Our goal is to raise at least $500 for this event. Please donate even the smallest amount if you can towards this fun event and completely worthy cause.

Follow our progress on Instagram:
Michaela - @superfries
Leslie - @LKCollin (twitter: @Lesamatron)

#30dayrunaround #30daysofhotdogs

About the Organizers

Leslie works at Unbounce on the HR side of things.

#Techpong is brought to you by Chimp and Unbounce. We’re stoked to have the whole technology sector rallying behind such an awesome cause. For those who don’t know us:

Chimp lets individuals, companies and charities manage and amplify their charitable impact. An online tool, Chimp empowers people to give to and fundraise for any Canadian charity from one online account.

Unbounce empowers marketers to build, publish and A/B test their landing pages without developers.

See you all at #Techpong on October 1st!