Belinda Chaplin | CB04

I am a South African living and working in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been here since 2003 with YWAM - Youth With a Mission. I work with the local church to try and bring holistic development to the people of Banja Luka and share with them the love of God.

Organizer: YWAM Canada

Type Of Group: Religion




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The Group's Purpose

This group is to support me and the various projects that I am involved in in Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina. I work with the local church, as we try to not only grow the church, but also impact on the community to bring change and reconciliation to this nation.

How to Help

I help with various projects through the church - from working with children in poor families to those at the local children's home. I also run business training and English conversation groups to try and help people help themselves. I also host YWAM/Church teams that come and work alongside the church from a week to 2-3 months.

As with everyone in YWAM, I do not have a salary, but rely on individuals and churches to fund what God is doing through me here in Banja Luka.

About the Organizers

I am originally from South Africa and have been living in Bosnia since 2001. There is a lot of need here still, even 20 years after the devastating 1992-1995 war.