Bicycle ride and hike for Green Teams of Canada

Lyda will ride her bicycle from Victoria BC to Calgary AB starting on June 7th 2014. She will then hike 300kms with a goal of reaching 15 mountain peaks between July and August. Her goal is to raise funds for Green Teams of Canada and raise awareness

Organizer: Lyda Bergman

Type Of Group: Environment




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The Group's Purpose

The purpose of my Giving Group is to raise funds and awareness about Green Teams of Canada. The mission of Green Teams of Canada is to restore, conserve and enhance ecosystems to preserve habitat and wild species by engaging the public in educational hands-on activities such as: invasive plant removals, planting of native plants and trees, picking up litter and volunteering at non-profit educational farms.

Canadians care about their natural environment and must work together to ensure the future health of Canada’s ecosystems.

The objectives of Green Teams of Canada:

• Conserve, restore and enhance ecosystems
• Provide hands-on stewardship opportunities
• Raise awareness of parks and local food systems
• Connect volunteers to existing stewardship groups
• Develop leadership and team-building skills
• Cultivate a community of like-minded individuals
• Engage youth and at-risk youth
• Connect people to nature

Charities this Group Supports:

How to Help

There are several ways you can help me raise funds and awareness about Green Teams of Canada

* Donate to this Giving Group
* Share the link to this giving group on social media
* Check out and share the link to my blog: http://lydasrideandhike.wordpress.com
* Start your own Giving Group for Green Teams of Canada

About the Organizers

I am passionate about taking care of our environment and encouraging people to make environmentally responsible choices. This ride and hike is let people know how Green Teams of Canada engages communities in taking care of our environment and to raise funds to keep on running activities. Riding a bicycle and hiking is a perfect way to raise awareness about this new charitable organization! It's also a great personal mental and physical challenge. Follow me on my blog: http://lydasrideandhike.wordpress.com