Bridging Borders - Project Mental Wellbeing

The children living in the Gaza strip have suffered physical and mental scars due to the violence surrounding them. Bridging Borders is proud to collaborate with Run for Palestine to raise funds to provide the children of Gaza with psycho-social support programs to treat their mental health problems

Organizer: Bridging Borders

Type Of Group: International Aid and Development


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The Group's Purpose

Children have no fault in any political conflict, yet they are the most affected by them. The children of Gaza are overwhelmingly suffering from severe mental issues such as depression, PTSD and other behavioural problems, due to the political violence that surrounds them. Unable to receive professional care due to the blockade that Israel imposes on Gaza, they remain lost and forgotten. This is why Run for Palestine is raising funds for a psycho-social support program that aims to restore the light in the lives of these children. More information can be found at: http://www.runforpalestine.com/recovering-well-gazas-children-phase-ii/

How to Help

We appreciate any and all donations, every dollar helps.

Run for Palestine is a charity marathon event happening in Toronto on August 18th, tickets can be bought at:


Run for Palestine will be raising funds in all sorts of other ways, such as selling merchandise or gathering donations from organizations.

About the Organizers

Bridging Borders is a Canadian registered non-profit organization that aims to assist communities that disadvantaged by conflict, either domestically or internationally. It is with great pride that we support the humanitarian efforts of Run For Palestine, and we wish to support them on their mission to make a difference.