Chefs for Oceans

On July 1, 2014, Chef Ned Bell set out and cycled across Canada to raise awareness for sustainable seafood. The goal is to institute National Sustainable Seafood Day. Net funds raised will go to Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program, SeaChoice and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).

Organizer: Lana Brandt

Type Of Group: Environment

Location: Vancouver, BC




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The Group's Purpose

Chef Bell's goal for the future of sustainable seafood is to create a movement which, within in the next 10 years, allows every Canadian to easily and readily access sustainable seafood for themselves and their families. The hope is that as the sustainable seafood movement continues to grow, environmentally responsible procedures will become firmly rooted as standard methods in future generations.

Starting in St. John’s Newfoundland on July 1, 2014, and pedalling between 140km and 200km each cycling day, this coast-to-coast trip took Chef Bell 10 weeks to complete, concluding in Vancouver, British Columbia on September 11, 2014. As he stopped in major cities along the way for interviews, events and appearances, Chef Bell raised awareness for sustainable seafood in Canada and will donate a portion of net funds raised from his ride to the Vancouver Aquarium’s ocean-friendly Ocean Wise program, SeaChoice and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).

Also at the forefront of Chef Bell’s journey is the goal to institute and raise awareness for National Sustainable Seafood Day, a proposed day to spotlights the necessity of healthy oceans, lakes and rivers for the future of both human beings and the environment. Chef Bell is a co-founder of the National Sustainable Seafood Day movement and also a proud member of the Chefs Table Society of BC.

How to Help

Even with the significant support and generosity of existing sponsors, the Chefs for Oceans movement is a lofty one and there is much progress to be made. There are a number of ways to support CFO, the movement and the institution of National Sustainable Seafood Day.
1. Make a donation
2. Buy Ned’s special edition tuna
3. Support one of the nation-wide special events
4. Sign the NSSD petition (http://findonnelly.ndp.ca/seafoodpetition)
5. Perhaps, most importantly, start asking your local grocers, restaurants, fishermen and market managers about access to sustainable seafood.

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