Chimp's Chimpact Volunteer Squad

We take volunteering seriously. Without 'em we couldn't mobilize a community of charity. Which would mean no #lovemob, no #charityvote, no #chimpact. So this group is dedicated to inspiring Chimpers to take action. There's perks too - bananas, cool t-shirts, oh and $10 charity dollars an hour too!

Organizer: Crystal Henrickson

Type Of Group: Other




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The Group's Purpose

We take our volunteers seriously. Without volunteers, we wouldn't have the hands needed to deploy our community #chIMPACT caravans. And putting charity into the hands of everyone is a really big deal to us.

So what do you get if you're part of the #chIMPACT Volunteer Squad?
-Marketing and promotional experience.
-Being part of a charity conversation.
-Going to some of the coolest events Vancouver has to offer (The Make It Show and Vancouver Craft Beer Week were a couple of our past events)
-Oh, and $10 every hour worked to give to the causes you care about.

How to Help

If you're thinking of volunteering join the group to stay up to date on opportunities to participate. We could always use more hands on deck and an email to our Chimp Group will be our primary means of sharing opportunities.

If you've already volunteered with Chimp, invite your friends to get involved.

If you're a business or individual who wants to support our volunteers efforts, consider making a donation to this group. Volunteers work between 4-8 hours a day, so a contribution of $40-$80 will "pay" for the hours they gave.

About the Organizers

I'm Crystal, leader of the Community Chimp Pack. Here to hoist the charity flag with your help!