Dancing for Impact

Rebecca Horwood is dancing for impact in the lives of addicted women. Clients of Teen Challenge have committed to freeing themselves from addiction through a long-term residential program at the Teen Challenge GTA Women's Centre. All donations will be multiplied by Stronger Together in 2017.

Organizer: Mark Petersen

Type Of Group: Social Services

Location: Toronto, ON


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The Group's Purpose

Teen Challenge Canada's first Women's Centre in King City has served over one hundred women battling addiction since inception in 2008. Women in this residential program are twice as likely to break their addiction over other typical rehab programs thanks to TCC's intensive intervention strategy and a year-long commitment by clients to developing new behavioural patterns.

This $100,000 project will contribute to maximizing the ability of staff to track progress for their clients through a customized information technology solution. This will be uniquely designed for the highly individualized program offered at the women's centre, and once piloted there, will be rolled out to all TCC locations across Canada. Clients will benefit from an increased ability to track progress, commit to goals, and report success.

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How to Help

Let's come together and multiply Rebecca Horwood's $25,000 pledge. Charitable donations by friends and family are eligible to be multiplied by four other Stronger Together clients in 2017 to reach our goal. Each individual donation, large or small, matters.

As well, please join us in attending a Toronto dance competition where Rebecca with partner Nathaniel will compete. Their carefully-choreographed Argentinian tango is dedicated to the women of the Teen Challenge GTA Women's Centre, and funds will be awarded to break addictions and establish new, healthy habits. Women in the program are twice as likely to break their addiction over typical rehab centers thanks to TCC’s intensive intervention strategy and a year-long commitment by clients to developing new behavior patterns.

Date: June 16, 2017
Time: Evening
Location: Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, 1 Harbour Square, Toronto

To Obtain Tickets: http://arthurmurrayetobicoke.com/dancingwithtorontocelebrities/

About the Organizers

Rebecca Horwood, Director, Wealth Management and Portfolio Manager, is a founding partner of Richardson GMP, the leading private wealth management company in Canada. Rebecca leads the most successful wealth advisory team since the firm was founded, and in 2015 Wealth Professional recognized Rebecca as a ‘Women of Influence’. Rebecca is also a member of the Charity Advisory Board of the C. D. Howe Institute.

As a philanthropist, Rebecca offers mentorship and governance along with charitable giving. Together with her husband John they joined forces with others to create ‘Stronger Together’, a collaborative group of like-minded givers. Daughters Alexandra and Rosemary follow in their footsteps and are generous givers for the common good.

Mark Petersen is CEO of Stronger Philanthropy Inc. Under his leadership groups of generous people gather to multiply their donations through Stronger Together, a collaborative grantmaking group. He has worked with John and Rebecca Horwood for eight years to help them maximize the power of their giving by leveraging their funds with others.