Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer--and then having nowhere to go for treatment. That's the reality in northern Tanzania, where there are no cancer facilities whatsoever. FCCT is working to install the region's first cancer care center and will begin treating children in September 2015.

Organizer: Matea Wasend

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The Group's Purpose

Everyone knows someone who has been impacted by cancer, whether it's a mother, a brother, a grandfather or a friend. There's a certain feeling of helplessness that comes with a diagnosis. That feeling is magnified manifold in northern Tanzania, where there are ZERO cancer care facilities whatsoever.

It's hard to fathom the reality for cancer patients in Tanzania from the perspective of a western country. Anyone from northern Tanzania who needs chemotherapy or radiation must travel hundreds of miles to reach such care. This is expensive, and many people simply cannot afford the journey or the cost of accommodations and medicines. Even if they can, they may be turned away--the entire country of Tanzania has just two cancer care facilities, and these can accommodate only five percent of the country's need.

The Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania (FCCT) is working to bring cancer care to the Northern Healthcare Zone of Tanzania by installing the region's first dedicated cancer care facility. Working closely with regional and international partners alike, FCCT will break ground on Cancer Care Institute (CCI) in September 2015. The CCI will treat patients--initially, children--who would otherwise most likely have no access to care.

Children in low-income countries are disproportionately impacted by cancer. It is estimated that some 80% of children with cancer die of their diseases in low-income countries, whereas in high-income countries like the US that number is close to 15%. The technology exists to treat these children; it is a simple lack of resources allocated to the places that need them that is killing many of these children. This is both tragic and hopeful--for it means that with the addition of high-quality facilities like the Cancer Care Institute, many children will survive their cancers to lead healthy and happy lives.

How to Help

We are in the middle of a fundraising push to raise enough money to begin construction on the Cancer Care Institute. We hope you will consider making a monetary contribution. A donation of ANY size will get us closer to our goal of improving cancer care to save lives in northern Tanzania.

About the Organizers

The Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania is a US-based non-profit working to improve cancer care in northern Tanzania. We are a dedicated group of doctors, nurses, health administrators, non-profit professionals and more hailing from all over the US (and Canada, too!), with a shared belief that high-quality cancer care is the right of every human being.